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China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.

Marine Engineering;Complete Equipment and Engineering

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China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) is a world-renowned international contractor that is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company Ltd (CCCC). CHEC has 40 overseas branches and offices with business activities covering more than 70 countries and areas. The company is currently employing over 7,000 domestic and international staff to undertake 10 billion USD worth of projects.

CHEC is focused on basic infrastructure construction, such as Marine Engineering, Dredging and Reclamation, Road and Bridge, Railways, Airports, Complete Plant, and other works. CHEC prides itself on providing a full service to its clients and uses its international engineering experience, global business network, talented management team and robust financial backing to offer clients a wide range of service options such as D&B, EPC, PMC, BT and BOT.

Founded in 1980, China Harbour operated as a group company before its merger with China Road and Bridge to create CCCC in 2005. CHEC is now the major international operating division of CCCC group which was ranked 211st among the Global 500 Companies in 2011 and the 11th in 225 Top International Contractors (ENR) , equivalent 1st among all Chinese international contractors.

Alongside business expansion and improvement, CHEC also maintains a sense of social responsibility. Donations, financial support and contributions to public welfare schemes are as important to CHEC as its commercial activities.

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Business Scope: Marine Engineering;Complete Equipment and Engineering
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